Boost Your GPU Performance With The All-New Alphacool NVIDIA Waterblock

Alphacool is commonly known in the DIY PC market as a great choice for water-cooling components, ranging from the standard water pumps to specifically designed water blocks for a variety of graphics cards. Alphacool stands for diligently engineered water-cooling parts. This company consistently develops new products and implements new features within our vision of the synergy of performance and aesthetics. The company prides itself to create the perfect water-cooling that meets current trends, customer taste and system demands. Alphacool takes computing heat as their core challenge.

The Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Plexi for the RTX 3080 and 3090 offers an outstanding cooling performance and an extensive Digital RGB LED lighting. The full cover cooler cools down not only the GPU but also all important  components such as voltage converters and the graphics memory directly with water.  The Alphacool not only features a full cover water block, but a nickel plated copper cooler, Addressable Digital RGB LEDs, and is NVLink compatible. 

With the intense development of the EIsblock Aurora GPX-N RTX 3080/3090 graphic card GPU block, we wanted to further increase the already sharp performance by adding a few more specs for precision. We reduced the thickness of the nickel-plated copper block, we moved the cooler closer to individual components, and most importantly, the water flow inside the cooler has been optimized. All important components such as the voltage transformers  and the memory are now significantly better and more effectively cooled by the water. All this ensures a significant increase in cooling performance. 

If you are dealing with overheating issues, your temperatures will definitely improve drastically with this new Alphacool Nvidia Waterblock! Thermal throttling is a real thing and thermal sensors are being implemented in all modern CPU and GPU to prevent any damage to the chip in case of overheating. A safety feature like this is mandatory since coolers can fail, fans can get blocked, and heatsinks can be incorrectly mounted by user error. Noise levels will calm down and you will get more headroom by using this cutting-edge technology.

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