In 2018, Onyx PC was formed to provide customers faster, more cost effective access to water cooling products. Since our inception, we’ve provided the most quality PC components and accessories to help our clients build the highest performance, cool-running, and quiet rigs. Our team truly believes that the best-in-class PCs are the ones you can freely build, customize, and design to your dreams. In only two years, Onyx PC has established itself as one of the most popular resellers of computer water cooling products. We continuously focus on building a community of enthusiasts around the products they love and crave. We are extremely proud of servicing each PC enthusiast, modding, and gaming community alike while providing the best customer service and PC products.

Custom PCs are more alive and vibrant than ever. Hardware sellers should never be boring. Onyx PC is part of the next generation online store. By building on a community driven foundation, Onyx PC is giving our customers what they want without any of the fluff. Onyx will continue to expand our catalogue to include all the products our clients crave and need. By combining Amazon Prime shipping options, as well as our own fulfilment network, Onyx PC will usher in a new era of consumer choice in the industry.

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